At a Glance: Information for Visitors

GGS 2024: Europe's Only Trade Fair for Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances Logistics

The focus will be on the entire logistics chain for dangerous goods and substances, from transport and intralogistics to safe handling.

At the Intersection of Conference Programme and Practice

This compact industry get-together provides an opportunity to exchange experiences, learn about new products and take part in advanced training. Logistics experts and safety managers are invited to engage in dialogue with experts and together find solutions to meet the challenges posed by the logistics of dangerous substances and goods.

Five Great Reasons to Visit the Fair


GGS is the only trade fair in Europe with an integrated approach to logistics involving dangerous goods and hazardous substances.


Events, products and services on offer at the trade fair give it a clear profile. This ensures visits to the trade fair are effective and can be tailored to meet the needs of the industry.


The trade fair offers a comprehensive conference programme including short lectures in the Open Forum, live demonstrations in the Action Centre, certified advanced training seminars and participative events.


The GGS offers an ideal platform for the direct exchange of experience and information between industry experts, suppliers and users from the logistics and safety sector.


There are excellent transport connections to all events at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre. This therefore makes it possible to get to know the historic and cosmopolitan city of Leipzig.

What Awaits Visitors?


Everything under one roof: GGS brings together all the products, solutions and services required for the transport and storage of hazardous goods, for intralogistic processes involving hazardous substances and for the safe handling of dangerous goods and substances along the entire process chain.

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created by 'lsichla (Lisa Sichla) (Lisa Sichla)' on uploading a picture